Paul Asgeirsson was a great friend of the British car community, both in his local community of Portland, Oregon, and with so many enthusiasts all over the Internet. He was known for his knowledge and cheerful wisdom in regards to many things, but especially about Morris Minors and other Little British Cars.

I knew Paul through my interest and connection with different Internet chat groups and first met him in person when he came to San Francisco for the 2000 Palo Alto All British Car Meet. He came to my house to see my newly acquired Morris Minor pickup, which I still own and is nearing completion of a multi year restoration. In the beginning, he helped me get on the “fast track” in terms of getting familiar with the the Morris Minor, a car that people can’t help but smile when they see. No wonder he had such an affinity for them. Among my disappointments is that I’ll never get to show it to him completed.

I installed many of his wonderful Morriservice 5 speed conversions, both in several of my own vehicles as well in many others in San Francisco and Southern California. It’s nice to know that a little bit of his knowledge and expertise carries on in my cars and so many others around the country and the world.

I hope you will consider posting your experiences with Paul for others to share.


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  1. David N. Tothill says:

    While I didn’t know Paul personally I feel like I knew him through the Yahoo group. He is just the type of person that has kept my enthusiasm for morris minors alive. A person willing and caring about passing on information for the good of the group is a wonderful thing. I am presently working on a 5 speed conversion on My 1959 Traveller and will think of Paul when I am shifting down the highway.
    David Tothill

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